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Operations and Technology Due Diligence

Investment thesis-driven, results-focused, and available 24/7/365

Operations and technology can tip the balance of the outcome of virtually any strategic transaction. Getting it wrong can lead to millions of dollars in losses whether through realized risk or missed opportunities. Getting it right can make a good deal great and a great deal one for the history books.

We work with buyers to define tailored scopes for operations and technology due diligence that focus on the issues critical to deal and before and after closing - no boilerplate checklists. Similarly, we focus reporting to inform buyers and other due diligence providers' own efforts to evaluate the deal - no fluff and no generic slide-ware.

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Carve-Out and Integration Planning and Facilitation

Collaborative, streamlined, and outcomes-focused

Planning the operations and technology aspects of carve-outs and integrations informs the Quality of Earnings analysis and other critical deal considerations. Get it right, and Days 1, 30, 90, and 120 post-close can be a breeze. Get it wrong, and those days each become value-diminishing hurdles to overcome.

We work closely with buyers, sellers, operating partners, management teams, workstream leaders, and other advisors to create tailored plans and facilitate their execution using a proven, efficient process and effective tools.

Within this service area we also facilitate the development and enforcement of Transition Services Agreements in carve-outs, working closely with buyers' legal counsel.

Platform and Integration Readiness

Assessment, enhancement, and remediation to support the investment thesis

Every building needs a solid foundation. Try to build without one, and the building crumbles. The same is the case for M&A platforms. Adding additions requires a well-engineered blueprint. This also is the case when it comes to integrating add-on acquisitions.

We leverage a proven approach to work with private equity sponsors and management teams to assess the readiness of a platform to support the investment thesis - starting with an analysis of the end state of the platform as defined by the investment thesis and how the platform will get there. With that understanding we evaluate the current capabilities and future needs of the platform and develop a roadmap to address the gaps.

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Other Services

Leveraging the above capabilities, we also provide a host of other beneficial services. Please contact us if you would like additional information.

  • Sell-side due diligence

  • Business performance enhancement

  • Operations and technology turnaround support

  • Transition Services Agreement development and enforcement (in collaboration with buyers' legal counsel)

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